Removed invirt-web-afs-apache
[invirt/packages/invirt-base.git] / python / invirt /
2010-01-22  Greg BrockmanRemoved invirt-web-afs-apache
2008-12-29  Greg Priceinvirt.common: give clearer error message on missing...
2008-12-29  Greg Priceinvirt.config: fix an error on empty config files
2008-12-28  Greg Priceinvirt.config.run_parts_list: fix unclear docstring
2008-10-29  Greg Priceuse run-parts semantics in conf.d directory
2008-10-29  Greg Priceuse /etc/invirt/conf.d/ too in invirt.config
2008-10-29  Greg Pricefactor a bit of code out of the mondo invirt.config...
2008-10-29  Greg Priceeliminate choice of source and cache files in invirt...
2008-10-24  Evan BroderSwitch sipb-xen-base to build using a script