Don't run conserver as root - give it sudo abilities
[invirt/packages/invirt-console.git] / files / etc /
2008-10-14  Evan BroderDon't run conserver as root - give it sudo abilities sipb-xen-console-server/2.7
2008-10-14  Evan BroderRun conserver as root on hosts so it can run xm console sipb-xen-console-server/2.06.3
2008-08-14  Yang Zhanggenerate config files using mako sipb-xen-console-server/2.06
2008-08-02  Greg Pricesipb-xen-console-server is totally configurable sipb-xen-console-server/2.05
2008-07-22  Greg Pricesimplify host's
2008-07-22  Greg Pricedon't hardcode host's hostname in
2008-04-02  Evan BroderCreate and destroy conserver consoles through a Python... sipb-xen-console-server/2
2008-04-02  Evan BroderMisnamed a file sipb-xen-console-server/1.0.1
2008-04-02  Evan BroderChange to using conserver instead of ssh sipb-xen-console-server/1