Divert /etc/conserver/console.cf in the right binary package.
[invirt/packages/invirt-console.git] / debian / invirt-console-server.init
2008-11-23  Greg Pricefix gen_config -> gen_files in two initscripts invirt-console-server/0.1.3
2008-11-22  Evan BroderUse gen-files.sh in invirt-console-server instead of... invirt-console-server/0.1.2
2008-11-22  Evan BroderSwitch to using std-init in invirt-console-server invirt-console-server/0.1.1
2008-11-22  Evan BroderClean up the invirt-console-server init script with...
2008-11-22  Evan BroderPunt more tabs
2008-10-31  Evan BroderUse invoke-rc.d instead of calling init scripts directly in invirt-console-server/0.0.6
2008-10-24  Evan BroderStandardize on "Invirt project" in invirt-console-server invirt-console-server/0.0.2
2008-10-24  Greg Pricesipb-xen-console -> invirt-console-server invirt-console-server/0.0.1