Add "reusable" column for nics, to avoid reusing addresses that are special in some...
[invirt/packages/invirt-database.git] / scripts /
2009-02-27  Greg Priceinvirt-quota: more style fixes
2009-02-27  Greg Priceinvirt-quota: fix imports EIBTI-style
2009-02-27  Greg Priceinvirt-quota: refactor; print full help
2009-02-19  Peter IannucciFixed docstring in invirt-quota script to reflect new...
2009-02-17  Evan BroderRename invirt-setquotas to invirt-quota.
2009-02-17  Evan BroderDon't explicitly initialize each quota when creating... 0.1.6
2009-02-17  Evan BroderMove invirt-setquotas into invirt-database.