2007-10-20  Eric PriceAdd __repr__.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceNo changes. sipb-xen-database/9.0
2007-10-10  Eric PriceIncrement version number. sipb-xen-database/9
2007-10-10  Eric PriceAllow administrators. sipb-xen-database/8
2007-10-09  Eric PriceChanged version numbers.
2007-10-09  Tim Abbott1) reworking of lvm stuff into a single python script...
2007-10-08  Tim Abbottthrow error when disk creation fails
2007-10-08  Eric PriceMachine -> type relation
2007-10-07  Tim AbbottMoved the lvcreate thing to /usr/sbin.
2007-10-07  Eric Priceexit is defined elsewhere, so we use sys.exit.
2007-10-07  Anders KaseorgActually import re.
2007-10-07  Anders Kaseorgimport re.
2007-10-07  Anders KaseorgUpdate control from
2007-10-07  Anders Kaseorgversion 7
2007-10-07  Anders KaseorgRegex sanity checking.
2007-10-07  Anders KaseorgAdd cdrom_image parameter; do some simple regex sanity...
2007-10-07  Eric PriceAdd a table for boot CDs.
2007-10-07  Eric PriceMake ip unique, and constructor for nics.
2007-10-06  Eric Pricenics primary key should be mac address, not hostname.
2007-10-05  Anders KaseorgStuff that works is happy.
2007-09-22  Nelson Elhagev6, with a script to autocreate any new logical volumes sipb-xen-database/6
2007-09-22  Nelson ElhageFix the vif generation for non-hvms
2007-09-08  Nelson Elhagev5, change the host to sipb-xen-dev sipb-xen-database/5
2007-08-25  Nelson Elhageversion 4 sipb-xen-database/4
2007-08-24  Nelson ElhageAdding script=vif-sipbroute to database-managed VMs...
2007-08-19  Nelson ElhageAdd a connect() call to sipb-database and make some... sipb-xen-database/3
2007-08-17  Nelson ElhageTypo fix in the database script
2007-08-17  Nelson Elhage-common shouldn't depend on the postgresql server
2007-08-16  Nelson ElhageA new version with less broken init scripts sipb-xen-database/2
2007-08-16  Nelson ElhageAdding postini and prerm scripts for sipb-xen-database... sipb-xen-database/1
2007-08-13  Nelson Elhagesvn:ignore some generated files
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageInstall the Xen conf file in the appropriate place...
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageRename the -auto files to be correctly named
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageAdding glue to build python packages
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageSkeleton CDBS packaging for database packages
2007-08-08  Nelson ElhageFilling in the gaps in This is completely...
2007-08-08  Nelson ElhageThe types table needs a boolean hvm
2007-07-15  Nelson ElhageAn uncomplete prototype of a xen conf file that pulls...
2007-07-15  Nelson ElhageAdding ORM tables for the sqlalchemy models
2007-07-15  Nelson ElhageAdding a sqlaclhemy schema module
2007-07-15  Nelson ElhageInitial skeleton structure for sipb-xen-database