Reformat build failure message
[invirt/packages/invirt-dev.git] / build-hooks / post-build
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanReformat build failure message
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanImprove the heuristic for truncating the traceback
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanDocumentation update
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanRoll repo creation hook into general hook script
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanRoll submit hooks into general hook script
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanFurther generalize the implementation of post-build
2010-08-05  Anders KaseorgMake the default build notifications more useful
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanAdded a TODO item
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanAdded reporting