Fixes to invirtibuilder for case of missing package in super-repo, missing
[invirt/packages/invirt-dev.git] / invirtibuilder
2013-07-16  Peter IannucciFixes to invirtibuilder for case of missing package... prod 0.1.26
2013-07-15  Peter IannucciBetter new-pocket affordances in invirtibuilder and... 0.1.25
2013-07-13  Adam Glasgallbuild source packages in a chroot too hardy-glasgall-dev 0.1.25_glasgall1
2013-03-09  Greg PriceFix "git archive" command in invirtibuilder
2011-11-25  Quentin SmithRemove the source package when the binary package name... 0.1.18
2011-11-09  Quentin SmithRemove all binary packages built from a source package... 0.1.17
2011-10-19  Quentin SmithProperly update the superrepo's .gitmodules file 0.1.16
2011-10-18  Quentin SmithPut the build number in the temporary directory builds... 0.1.15
2011-10-15  Quentin SmithMore bug fixes for multi-distro support 0.1.14
2011-10-15  Quentin SmithProperly invoke SbuildHack
2011-10-15  Quentin SmithAdd submodules to the superrepo if a package has never... 0.1.12
2011-10-15  Quentin SmithAdd a prefix to binary package versions based on the... 0.1.11
2011-07-09  Geoffrey ThomasRevert previous commit. Our sbuild is not new enough geofft-sbuild-apt-update
2011-07-09  Geoffrey ThomasCall sbuild with --apt-update and --apt-distupgrade 0.1.9
2010-08-24  Greg BrockmanUse generic hook for pre-build
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanSave build log to file containing package name
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanLog output of all shell calls 0.1.5
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanUse version as the tag name
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanDon't forget to do tagging before an aptCopy
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanAllow a backtracking branch to upload any package version
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanMinor touchups to invirtibuilder
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanAdded reporting
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanUse the expanded commit name internally
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanLog and capture sbuild results
2010-07-05  Greg BrockmanMake invirtibuilder work
2010-01-02  Evan BroderRegardless of any success or failure, always remove...
2010-01-02  Evan BroderOnly tag submodules if allow_backtracking is False.
2010-01-02  Evan BroderTypo fix.
2010-01-02  Evan BroderpackageWorkdir needs to be passed the commit to make...
2009-12-31  Evan BroderSince we're moving the queue entries into the queue...
2009-12-28  Evan BroderSuperproject, not superrepo, is git's term for a repo...
2009-12-15  Evan BroderRename the "git" tree in the configuration to "build...
2009-12-05  Evan BroderStuff all of our repos into an /invirt subdirectory...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderPython 2.5 requires an import from the __future__ to...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderIn the invirtibuilder, take advantage of the getBinarie...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderDeal with Debian-native packages correctly when calcula...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderPull functions that are needed for the git remctl scrip...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderMove the invirtibuilder into invirt-dev as a first...