Don't be quite as ionice to the dds that wipe out deleted LVs.
[invirt/packages/invirt-remote.git] / host /
2009-05-03  Evan BroderDon't be quite as ionice to the dds that wipe out delet... 0.3.14
2009-04-03  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote: 0.3.12
2009-04-02  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote:
2009-03-12  Evan BroderInclude a CDROM drive in listvms if there is one. 0.3.9
2009-02-17  Anders KaseorgDon't confuse {KB, MB, GB} with {KiB, MiB, GiB}. 0.3.6
2009-02-15  Peter IannucciFixed missing import 0.3.4
2009-02-14  Peter IannucciModified invirt-availability and invirt-vmcontrol to...
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciClean-up suggestions from price. Whitespace fixes. 0.3.3
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciAdded remote web availability remctl and script to...
2009-02-05  Greg Pricein invirt-remote-listvms, ignore another way VMs can...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderFor now, revert r2093-2095, which were committed by...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderDon't pass untrusted arguments to xm info.
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix an accidental typo-uncorrection.
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix-up several packages to include the correct Conflict...
2009-01-24  Evan BroderOverwrite all content of a VM's LV before deleting it. 0.3.0
2008-12-11  Evan Broderconfig.{authn[0] => kerberos}.realm 0.2.2
2008-12-07  Evan BroderMerge invirt-remote-host and invirt-remote-server into... 0.2.0