Prevent the janitor from trying to clean up nonexistent LVs.
[invirt/packages/invirt-remote.git] / host / usr / sbin / invirt-remote
2010-10-04  Peter IannucciAdded "web vgcapacity" probe for disk utilization.
2009-04-03  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote: 0.3.12
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciClean-up suggestions from price. Whitespace fixes. 0.3.3
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciAdded remote web availability remctl and script to...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderFor now, revert r2093-2095, which were committed by...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderDon't pass untrusted arguments to xm info.
2008-12-07  Evan BroderMerge invirt-remote-host and invirt-remote-server into... 0.2.0