Added remote web availability remctl and script to calculate memory available to...
[invirt/packages/invirt-remote.git] / debian / rules
2008-11-10  Evan BroderMove invirt.remote Python module to invirt-remote-server
2008-10-25  Evan Brodersipb-xen-remctl-auto -> invirt-remote-host
2008-10-24  Evan BroderKill DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL in invirt-remote... invirt-remote-server/0.0.4
2008-10-24  Greg Pricesipb-xen -> invirt for remote-server invirt-remote-server/0.0.1
2008-05-05  Greg Pricefirst version of remote-server package
2007-07-16  Tim AbbottInitial revison of reasonable automatic remctl setup.