2007-10-09  Eric PriceTim, please run python on your code to verify that...
2007-10-09  Eric PriceChanged version numbers.
2007-10-09  Tim Abbott1) reworking of lvm stuff into a single python script...
2007-10-08  Tim AbbottMore web interface support code.
2007-10-08  Tim Abbottremctl support for renaming machines
2007-10-08  Tim Abbottmore support for web interface fixes
2007-10-08  Tim Abbottmore remctl support for web interface
2007-10-08  Tim Abbottmore web interface updates
2007-10-07  Tim Abbottfixed to work with web interface.
2007-10-07  Tim Abbottmachine_name is the argument to the database
2007-10-07  Tim AbbottAdd another remctl command for webland.
2007-10-07  Tim AbbottMove things around and add web interface support code.
2007-08-06  Anders KaseorgStop scaring me with unquoted variables.
2007-07-16  Tim AbbottInitial revison of reasonable automatic remctl setup.