2008-10-01  Greg Pricefix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs sipb-xen-vnc-client/1.02
2008-09-29  Greg Pricehave sipb-xen-vnc-client depend on java-compiler rather...
2008-08-02  Greg Pricetodo lists for configuration
2008-03-29  Evan BroderIf I'm lucky, I might have a sipb-xen-vnc-client packag... sipb-xen-vnc-client/1
2007-11-12  Eric PriceActually close the connection on disconnect, fixing #3.
2007-10-08  Quentin SmithSSL support for VNC proxy
2007-10-08  Quentin SmithAdded control and alt checkboxes, for ease of typing...
2007-10-06  Quentin SmithAllow building with javac 1.5
2007-08-09  Quentin SmithInitial checkin of modified Java VNC viewer for use...