Incremented version to not conflict with precise
[invirt/packages/invirt-web.git] / code / templates / info.mako
2013-04-12  Steven ValdezUpdated help text with formatting changes. 0.1.30
2013-04-09  Steven ValdezAdded the name of machine that is being deleted
2010-12-29  Quentin SmithShow a label for the CPU graph 0.1.16
2010-12-29  Quentin SmithShow historical domain CPU usage if available.
2009-12-27  Evan BroderNuke an extra </form> tag.
2009-12-20  Greg Priceinfo.mako: cut no-longer-used hidden field
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithMake modify form work
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithMake commands work from list and info pages
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithUse RESTful URLs for commands
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithUpgrade info page to Mako, and use REST-style URLs.