Incremented version to not conflict with precise
[invirt/packages/invirt-web.git] / code / templates / unauth.mako
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanSwitch from svn to git
2010-01-21  Quentin SmithPut the MOTD at /etc/invirt/motd.html and parse it... 0.1.5
2010-01-19  Paul WeaverCleared up cert language
2010-01-11  Paul WeaverAdded service message to https, modified cert line
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverMoved all code for service messages to unauth.make
2009-12-30  Paul Weaverchanged <table> to <div>
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverAdded some code to display a service message from the...
2009-12-30  Paul Weavermade link to auth using Personal Certificates more...
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverAdded a like for kerberos authentication for the website
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithUnauthenticated front page