Get username from cherrypy request object
[invirt/packages/invirt-web.git] / code / templates / info.tmpl
2009-02-01  Edward Z. YangChanged HTML for info UI to stop using tables for the... 0.0.18
2008-12-06  Greg Priceweb: info: move console message out of commands form...
2008-12-06  Greg Pricepoint to ssh console in a paravm's info page
2008-08-05  Greg Priceconfigurize web templates
2008-06-18  Anders KaseorgAdd a description field.
2008-06-03  Eric PricePut validation behind more abstraction.
2008-05-27  Mitchell BergerFix help popup links on individual server info pages...
2008-04-22  Eric PriceAvoid html injection.
2008-04-22  Eric PriceSupport autoinstalls table for creation list.
2008-04-22  Eric PriceSupport setting paravm/hvm for off, but already created...
2008-04-21  Greg Pricefix my spelling fix on shutdown button
2008-04-17  Greg Pricebetter headings, labels in info page
2008-04-17  Greg Pricemore and better titles
2008-03-29  Evan BroderMoved sipb-xen-www into a package