Work around quirk of CherryPy dispatching that causes username munging to not happen...
[invirt/packages/invirt-web.git] / code /
2009-12-20  Greg fix long lines
2009-12-20  Greg double blank lines at toplevel
2009-12-20  Greg clean up remote_user_login
2009-12-20  Greg fix a docstring
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithClarify the operation of MakoHandler
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithRevert "Replace weird username logic with the old logic."
2009-10-29  Greg Pricecut uninformative comment and blank line
2009-10-29  Greg PriceReplace weird username logic with the old logic.
2009-10-29  Greg Pricestyle nit
2009-10-20  Quentin SmithRemove unused external_remote_user_login function
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithFull error handling
2009-09-27  Quentin SmithImplement administrator mode
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithWrite handler for create form, and consolidate code...
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithAllow global imports to be specified for Mako templates
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithGet login information from Apache, if available
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithGet username and state from CherryPy request
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithAdd list method, require authentication for it, and...
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithMako and SimpleJSON CherryPy hooks