Fix typo in the name of the Debian/Ubuntu package for Cython.
[invirt/packages/python-afs.git] /
2009-05-01  Evan Brodersetuptools apparently is too retarded for Cython. Switc...
2009-03-18  Evan BroderSimplify the extension declarations in
2009-03-18  Evan BroderCreate an afs.afs module for common functions, like...
2009-03-15  Evan BroderFix a typo in one of the #defines.
2009-03-15  Evan BroderSimplify the libraries being used.
2009-03-15  Evan BroderGet PyAFS to build on Linux.
2008-12-21  Evan BroderSwitch to Cython instead of Pyrex
2008-12-21  Evan BroderGet information about the current cell.
2008-12-21  Evan BroderIt'll probably be useful to have the libraries being...
2008-12-21  Evan BroderMIT License? Did I say MIT License? I meant GPL.
2008-12-21  Evan BroderPull includes into a common file, since there will...
2008-12-21  Evan BroderInitial commit of something that builds.