No really. I don't want mail from dev. Ever.
[invirt/packages/xvm-devconfig.git] / debian / changelog
2009-03-10  Evan BroderNo really. I don't want mail from dev. Ever. 0.32
2009-02-28  Evan BroderUse the slightly more restrictive xvm-dev instead of... 0.31
2009-02-27  Evan BroderIn xvm-devconfig and xvm-prodconfig: 0.30
2009-02-27  Quentin SmithReverse-resolution support in invirt-dns 0.29
2009-02-27  Quentin SmithAct authoritative for
2009-02-16  Quentin SmithAdd quentin to errormail_exclude 0.28
2009-02-15  Evan BroderSpecify whether to authenticate PRDB lookups for each... 0.27
2009-02-13  Evan BroderAdd iannucci to the dev acl. 0.26
2009-02-03  Greg Priceadd sysvm configs to xvm-devconfig 0.25
2009-02-01  Evan BroderAdd the dhcp block to xvm-devconfig. 0.24
2009-02-01  Evan BroderTypo fix. /Actually/ install the dev k5login. 0.23
2009-02-01  Evan BroderAdd ezyang to the dev acl. 0.22
2009-02-01  Evan BroderTwo hosts! Add torchwood-institute to the xvm-devconfig...
2009-01-31  Greg Priceadd nathan_ to dev acl.
2009-01-31  Greg Priceconfigure vnc in xvm-devconfig 0.21
2009-01-31  Greg Priceeth2 ->
2009-01-31  Greg Priceinclude trac in xvm-devconfig, to make invirt-web happy
2009-01-31  Evan BroderFix the xvm-devconfig maintainer field. 0.20
2009-01-31  Evan BroderAdd the dev cluster .k5login to xvm-devconfig.
2009-01-31  Evan BroderPunt unnecessarily deep files/ directory structure... 0.19
2009-01-30  Greg Pricenew xvm-devconfig, first draft
2009-01-26  Evan BroderUse a trigger in invirt-base to run invirt-reload inste...
2008-11-15  Evan BroderReconfigure dev as dev 0.16
2008-11-01  Evan BroderUse instead of as... 0.15
2008-10-28  Evan Brodersipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists 0.14
2008-10-27  Evan BroderChange the names of the remote and console servers...
2008-10-24  Evan BroderKill DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL in xvm-devconfig
2008-10-01  Evan BroderUpdate yaml to reflect new name for sx-blade-2 0.11
2008-08-25  Yang Zhang * Added domain for sipb-xen-dns.
2008-08-08  Yang Zhang * added configs for sipb-xen-www
2008-08-05  Greg Pricein xvm-devconfig, add more config for web interface
2008-08-04  Yang Zhangadded for sipb-xen-dns 0.7
2008-08-03  Yang Zhangadded decomposition of DB URI (for sipb-xen-console)
2008-08-03  Greg Pricefinish configuration of sipb-xen-database; add network...
2008-08-03  Greg Pricesign packages in apt repo
2008-08-02  Greg Priceremove deprecated /etc/invirt/hosts, /etc/invirt/realm
2008-07-28  Greg Pricein config, put host hostnames in values, not keys 0.4
2008-07-27  Greg Priceadd a YAML config file with near-complete info 0.3
2008-07-22  Greg Pricereload config changes on xvm-devconfig postinst 0.2
2008-07-21  Greg Pricefirst cut of xvm-devconfig