2008-12-11  Evan BroderAlphabetize master.yaml
2008-12-10  Evan BroderReserve the name "help" because `remctl remote control... 1.1.2
2008-12-06  Evan BroderOverride the lintian warning about installing files... 1.1.1
2008-12-06  Evan BroderCleanup some lintian warnings about the control file
2008-12-06  Evan BroderDon't use an explicit path in the postinst
2008-12-06  Evan BroderMove the prod .k5login file to xvm-prodconfig
2008-11-25  Anders KaseorgClean up stray conflict markers.
2008-11-25  Evan BroderAdd a specification for a monitoring host (i.e. syn) 1.1.0
2008-11-16  Evan BroderRemove a stray dot from the config 1.0.4
2008-11-16  Evan BroderThe trac URI doesn't want to have a trailing slash 1.0.3
2008-11-16  Evan BroderMove trac to scripts 1.0.2
2008-11-15  Evan BroderChange the webacl to xvm-root 1.0.1
2008-11-15  Evan BroderReconfigure prod as the production cluster! 1.0.0
2008-11-04  Evan BroderAdd citadel-station and aperture-science to the prod... 0.21
2008-11-01  Evan BroderTake advantage of the new multi-word zone file entries... 0.20
2008-11-01  Evan BroderZone files use semicolons instead of hashes for comments 0.19.2
2008-11-01  Evan Broder*sigh* Actually close the changelog entry 0.19.1
2008-11-01  Evan BroderForgot to actually install the zone file
2008-11-01  Evan BroderAdd a default zone file for domains we don't want peopl... 0.19
2008-11-01  Evan BroderPunt unnecessarily deep files/ tree from xvm-prodconfig
2008-10-31  Evan BroderPunt sysvm configs from xvm-prodconfig 0.18
2008-10-28  Evan Brodersipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists 0.17.5
2008-10-27  Evan Broderxvm-2 is now xvm-dev
2008-10-26  Evan BroderThe name of the database and the database username... 0.17.3
2008-10-24  Greg Pricefix our copyright files
2008-10-22  Greg Pricename the web admin ACL more descriptively as system... 0.17.2
2008-10-19  Evan Broderconsole and remote's IP addresses changed, too 0.17.1
2008-10-19  Evan BroderMove the remote and console servers to more sensible... 0.17
2008-10-19  Evan BroderChange the web admin ACL to use null instances instead... 0.16
2008-10-14  Evan BroderQuote asterisks in prodconfig, beacuse they're special... 0.15
2008-10-14  Evan BroderUpdate xvm-prodconfig to use 0.14
2008-10-12  Greg Priceuse wildcard for config.web.errormail_exclude
2008-10-06  Evan BroderMove the console server to 0.12
2008-10-05  Evan BroderApparently 100003 isn't a real port - fixing the vnc... 0.11.1
2008-10-05  Evan BroderAdd the necessary vnc config section for sipb-xen-iptables 0.11
2008-10-05  Evan BroderAdd dhcp section to xvm-prodconfig 0.10
2008-10-04  Evan BroderAdd a svn.uri config frob 0.9.2
2008-10-02  Evan BroderUpdate the dns prod config to be less of a lie, at... 0.9.1
2008-10-02  Evan BroderAdd DNS to prodconfig 0.9
2008-10-01  Greg Priceadd console section to xvm-prodconfig 0.8
2008-10-01  Evan BroderUpdate yaml to include shadow-moses and arklay-mansion 0.7
2008-10-01  Evan BroderAdd remote section to xvm-prodconfig 0.6
2008-10-01  Greg Pricefix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs 0.5
2008-09-29  Greg Priceadd web, svn, trac sections to xvm-prodconfig 0.4
2008-09-29  Greg Priceadd some system-vm xen configs
2008-09-28  Greg Priceconfig packages depend on sipb-xen-base
2008-08-25  Sam HartmanAdd database ip
2008-08-24  Sam HartmanAdd apt key 0.3
2008-08-22  Sam HartmanFinish rename of devconfig to prodconfig 0.2
2008-08-22  Sam HartmanAdd initial prodconfig 0.1