Add Edward and Peter to the git migration authors file.
[invirt/scripts/git-migration.git] /
2009-01-27  Evan BroderDon't create repositories for libyaml or pyyaml.
2009-01-27  Evan BroderIn the git import, deal with r316, r318 and the corresp...
2009-01-03  Greg Pricefix a shell conditional
2009-01-02  Anders KaseorgInclude the sipb-xen-database history in invirt-databas...
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgPut the authors file in svn-all-fast-export format.
2008-12-29  Evan BroderFix the RouteFS git import.
2008-12-27  Anders KaseorgUse the upstream Git repo for python-routefs.
2008-12-27  Anders KaseorgAdd trunk/dns and epic grafting.
2008-12-26  Anders KaseorgUse authors file.
2008-12-26  Anders KaseorgAccept the path to the svn repository as an argument.
2008-12-25  Anders KaseorgPartial work on a svn-all-fast-export based Git migrator.