Deal with package_branches.
[invirt/scripts/git-migration.git] / rules.mako
2009-09-20  Anders KaseorgDeal with package_branches.
2009-06-13  Anders Kaseorgsvn-all-fast-export can create annotated tags now.
2009-04-27  Evan BroderFor the git migration, one repository per invertified...
2009-04-26  Evan BroderAdd rules to include invirtified packages in the git...
2009-01-30  Evan BroderRevert r2030. I'm an idiot.
2009-01-30  Evan BroderAdd install-invirt in svn.yml instead of rules.mako.
2009-01-30  Greg Priceadd install-invirt to git-migration
2009-01-27  Evan BroderIn the git import, deal with r316, r318 and the corresp...
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgPut some more stuff in YAML.
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgMove lots of information to a YAML database.
2008-12-29  Greg Pricerules.mako: indent control flow
2008-12-29  Greg Pricefold xvm-console-devconfig back into package-list
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgQuash the rest of the empty revisions.
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgUse templates to compactify the list of quashed revisions.
2008-12-28  Anders KaseorgFix the screwed-up sipb-xen-dev/13 tag.
2008-12-28  Anders KaseorgRemove confusing (/|$) except where it's needed.
2008-12-27  Anders KaseorgAdd the xvm-host-setup-notes (into doc/xvm) and scripts/*.
2008-12-27  Anders KaseorgAdd trunk/dns and epic grafting.
2008-12-27  Anders KaseorgMore fixups.
2008-12-26  Anders KaseorgI think I'm starting to get a hang of this whole svn...
2008-12-26  Anders KaseorgThis is almost working.
2008-12-26  Anders KaseorgUse authors file.
2008-12-25  Anders KaseorgPartial work on a svn-all-fast-export based Git migrator.