git-migration updates for openais, corosync, xvm-host-setup-notes.
[invirt/scripts/git-migration.git] / svn.yml
2010-07-06  Anders Kaseorggit-migration updates for openais, corosync, xvm-host... master
2010-02-05  Anders Kaseorggit-migration: Add new packages; fix sipb-xen-chrony...
2010-01-15  Greg BrockmanAdded invirt-kerberos-config to git-migration
2010-01-03  Evan BroderUpdate the git-migration script for package changes:
2010-01-01  Anders KaseorgAdd hvirt-devconfig to git-migration.
2009-12-17  Evan BroderUpdate the git-migration.
2009-08-09  Evan BroderUpdate the git migration script for the new update...
2009-05-03  Anders KaseorgAdd third/openafs to git-migration.
2009-05-02  Greg Pricestub git hooks: for now, they zephyr
2009-04-27  Evan BroderAdd a quash for the invirtification tag I screwed up.
2009-04-27  Evan BroderFor the git migration, one repository per invertified...
2009-03-26  Anders KaseorgMore scripts for git-migration?
2009-02-28  Anders Kaseorgbroder: “I give up. I'll let Anders fix it”
2009-02-06  Anders KaseorgAdd invirt-admin to git-migration.
2009-01-31  Evan BroderAdjust the git migration to handle moving osx-update...
2009-01-31  Evan BroderAdjust the git migration to handle moving install-invir...
2009-01-30  Evan BroderRevert r2030. I'm an idiot.
2009-01-30  Evan BroderAdd install-invirt in svn.yml instead of rules.mako.
2009-01-27  Anders KaseorgAdd missing trailing /s.
2009-01-27  Evan BroderDon't create repositories for libyaml or pyyaml.
2009-01-27  Evan BroderIn the git import, deal with r316, r318 and the corresp...
2009-01-27  Anders KaseorgAdd scripts/vnc-client to git-migration.
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgPut some more stuff in YAML.
2008-12-29  Anders KaseorgMove lots of information to a YAML database.