2021-01-23  Quentin SmithIgnore VMs that have administrator set to a deactivated... master
2020-10-20  Quentin SmithScript to automate VM deactivation
2011-11-07  Mitchell E... outage-mail: Send summary to xvm-team, not xvm.
2010-05-22  Quentin SmithScript for automating the process of determining which...
2009-03-26  Greg Priceoutage-mail: send xvm@ just one message for the whole...
2009-03-26  Greg Priceoutage-mail: make subject line an option
2009-03-17  Greg Pricemake outage-mail fully reusable
2009-03-17  Greg Priceoutage-mail: small improvements, mostly update for...
2009-03-17  Greg Priceimport Evan's outage-mail script