Now k5login installs
[invirt/packages/hvirt-config.git] / debian /
2010-01-19  Greg BrockmanNow k5login installs
2010-01-18  Greg BrockmanFixed IPs in hvirt-devconfig
2010-01-18  Greg BrockmanRearranged networking and lvm entries in hvirt devconfig
2010-01-16  Greg BrockmanOh yeah, and updated the changelog
2010-01-16  Greg BrockmanMade the hvirt-devconfig package into a single hvirt...
2010-01-02  Greg BrockmanUpdated master.yaml with vg info
2010-01-02  Greg BrockmanAdded network info to hvirt-devconfig master.yaml
2010-01-02  Greg BrockmanFixed lintian overrides in hvirt-devconfig
2009-12-31  Greg BrockmanAdded internal IP to master.yaml
2009-12-25  Greg BrockmanAdded postinst to hvirt-devconfig to ensure config...
2009-12-25  Greg BrockmanRemoved the postinst config generator
2009-12-25  Greg BrockmanFixed perlishness
2009-12-25  Greg BrockmanFixed console entry in master.yaml
2009-12-25  Greg BrockmanAdded postinst to set default_realm appropriately....
2009-12-24  Greg BrockmanAdded some sysvms
2009-12-24  Greg BrockmanAdded hvirt-devconfig pkg