2008-07-28  Eric PriceAnd dch -i sipb-xen-autoinstaller/2.3
2008-07-28  Eric PriceWork around bug #242576 in xen-tools by depending on...
2008-07-28  Eric Priceinit's symlink must be relative.
2008-07-28  Eric PriceCorrect location for busybox
2008-07-28  Eric Pricedch -i, of course. sipb-xen-autoinstaller/2.2
2008-07-28  Eric PriceDivert /etc/init.d/rcS
2008-07-28  Eric Pricedch -i sipb-xen-autoinstaller/2.1
2008-07-28  Eric PriceAdd more dependencies.
2008-07-28  Eric PriceRename package. sipb-xen-autoinstaller/2.0
2008-07-28  Eric PriceMore movement
2008-07-28  Eric PriceThrow out old old installer.
2008-07-28  Eric PriceNew guest-based autoinstaller
2008-07-28  Eric PriceWe're installing paravms, so don't spawn a separate...
2008-07-28  Eric PriceDon't bother avoiding checksums.
2008-07-28  Eric PriceUse symlink instead.
2008-07-28  Eric PriceRemove copied 91-make-fstab
2008-07-23  Greg Pricefix control,, and changelog in guest installer sipb-xen-guest-installer/1.4
2008-06-22  Evan BroderHyphens in the LV name are replaced with double hyphens...
2008-06-22  Eric PriceGetting towards the autoinstaller in domU.
2008-06-22  Eric Pricexen-create-image in dom0
2008-05-31  Evan BroderChange sipb-xen-lvcopy so that it fails if you try...
2008-05-15  Eric PriceIncrement version sipb-xen-guest-installer/1.2
2008-05-15  Eric PriceWork around bug in Python subprocess for remctl
2008-05-13  Tao Ben SchardlMore work on debootstrap-commands. Now can successfully...
2008-05-04  Tao Ben Schardlxen-create-image frobbing for deboostrap-commands
2008-05-04  Tao Ben SchardlStarted modifying deboostrap-commands to use xen-create...
2008-05-04  Greg PriceEric's and my debootstrap work from the hackathon
2008-05-01  Greg Pricechangelogs sipb-xen-guest-installer/1.1
2008-05-01  Greg Priceupdate sx-make-iso to black-mesa's version
2008-04-22  Greg Pricesipb-xen-losetup: a half-sane way to use losetup sipb-xen-guest-installer/1.0
2008-04-03  Greg Priceput the post-copy frobbing details in the image
2008-03-30  Greg Pricetodo has moved to trac
2008-03-30  Greg Pricesome cleanups in copying autoinstaller
2008-03-30  Greg Pricecopying installer works now (maybe?)
2007-11-13  Greg PricePrototype fast installer using a special guest.
2007-11-04  Greg Priceprototype fast installer.
2007-10-28  Greg Pricesimplify isolinux.cfg.
2007-10-28  Greg Pricepostinst script, nicer pathnames, and read password...
2007-10-28  Greg PriceUse temp directory, use DHCP, and live in sane paths.
2007-10-16  Greg Pricea system for building guest images on demand (partially...