Correctly generate cluster.conf for a two-node cluster.
[invirt/packages/invirt-cluster-config.git] / debian / changelog
2009-01-30  Evan BroderCorrectly generate cluster.conf for a two-node cluster. 0.0.9
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix-up several packages to include the correct Conflict... 0.0.8
2008-12-27  Greg Pricecut -storage-config, move -clster-config dependency... 0.0.7
2008-11-10  Evan BroderSwitch back to using bash for config-init script in... 0.0.6
2008-11-10  Evan Broder/etc/default/cman isn't currently used by anything 0.0.5
2008-11-09  Evan BroderDon't detect guests' VGs in the hosts 0.0.4
2008-11-06  Evan BroderPunt invirt-cluster-config's postinst script - it's...
2008-11-04  Evan BroderCorrect the transformation script for lvm.conf 0.0.2
2008-11-04  Evan BroderStart clvm as well as cman
2008-11-04  Evan BroderInitial invirt-cluster-config package for configuring... 0.0.1