Add "reusable" column for nics, to avoid reusing addresses that are special in some...
[invirt/packages/invirt-database.git] / debian /
2009-02-27  Quentin SmithAdd "reusable" column for nics, to avoid reusing addres... 0.1.8
2009-02-27  Greg Pricefix more imports EIBTI-style
2009-02-27  Greg Priceinvirt-quota: fix imports EIBTI-style
2009-02-27  Greg Priceinvirt-quota: refactor; print full help
2009-02-27  Greg Pricefold FormattableRecord, NullableRecord into Record
2009-02-27  Greg Pricesmall fixes to Record
2009-02-17  Evan BroderBe explicit about units in invirt-setquota. 0.1.7
2009-02-17  Evan BroderRename invirt-setquotas to invirt-quota.
2009-02-17  Evan BroderDisk quotas are measured in gigabytes.
2009-02-17  Evan BroderDon't explicitly initialize each quota when creating... 0.1.6
2009-02-17  Evan BroderMove invirt-setquotas into invirt-database.
2009-02-17  Evan BroderMake the default values in the owners class explicit.
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciChangelogs 0.1.4
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciAdded all the other quotas for great win.
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciRAM quotas at remctl; RAM quota exception script, table...
2009-01-06  Evan BroderClean up invirt-database's .egg-info directory from... 0.1.2
2009-01-06  Evan BroderCorrect a lintian warning in invirt-database 0.1.1
2008-11-18  Evan BroderTurn on lazy loading for all tables 0.1.0
2008-11-17  Evan BroderDon't require administrator to be non-null 0.0.6
2008-11-17  Evan BroderAdd an architecture field to the autoinstaller table 0.0.5
2008-10-28  Evan BroderAdd attributes to the ORM to link mirrors and cdroms 0.0.3
2008-10-28  Evan BroderExport mirrors_table and Mirrors in invirt.database... 0.0.2
2008-10-26  Evan Brodersipb-xen-database-common -> invirt-database 0.0.1
2008-10-25  Evan BroderFix a typo in the new CDROM table sipb-xen-database/10.36.1
2008-10-25  Evan BroderAdd the CDROM mirrors table sipb-xen-database/10.36
2008-10-25  Evan BroderRemove the remnants of the sipb_xen_database Python...
2008-10-24  Greg Priceshorten sipb-xen-database-server initscript too sipb-xen-database/10.35
2008-10-24  Greg Pricefix our copyright files
2008-10-24  Greg Priceyet another new-sqlalchemy fix, this one post-0.4.2... sipb-xen-database/10.34
2008-10-20  Evan BroderCatch calls to restart Postgres and translate them... sipb-xen-database/10.33
2008-10-19  Evan Broderinvirt.database.clear_cache should actually do something
2008-10-19  Evan BroderRemove bridge specification from sipb-database sipb-xen-database/10.31
2008-10-15  Evan BroderFix a typo in sipb-database's CDROM image path sipb-xen-database/10.30.4
2008-10-12  Greg Pricefix dumb textual mistakes in sipb-xen-database-server...
2008-10-11  Evan BroderFix a typo in the CDROM lookup in sipb-database sipb-xen-database/10.30.2
2008-10-10  Evan BroderDon't strip quotes in sipb-database that won't be there sipb-xen-database/10.30.1
2008-10-09  Evan BroderUpdate the sipb-database script to match the remctl... sipb-xen-database/10.30
2008-10-09  Evan BroderLook for CD images in /dev/xenvg/image_* and validate...
2008-10-06  Evan BroderSome fixes in the sipb-database Xen config script sipb-xen-database/10.29
2008-10-05  Evan BroderRe-establish the database connection if the server... sipb-xen-database/10.28
2008-10-04  Evan BroderUpdate /etc/xen/sipb-database to work with newer SQLAlc... sipb-xen-database/10.27
2008-10-03  Evan BroderThe database wants to be not transactional, and not... sipb-xen-database/10.26.1
2008-10-02  Evan BroderUpdate sipb-xen-
2008-10-01  Greg Pricemore sqlalchemy-0.4 changes sipb-xen-database/10.25
2008-10-01  Greg Pricesipb-xen-database-server: fix init script, expand pg_hb...
2008-10-01  Evan BroderUpdate sipb-xen-database for Postgres 8.3 sipb-xen-database/10.24
2008-10-01  Greg Priceport to postgresql 8.3 sipb-xen-database/10.23
2008-10-01  Greg Pricedon't specify (old) version of postgresql sipb-xen-database/10.22
2008-10-01  Greg Pricefix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs sipb-xen-database/10.21
2008-09-29  Greg Priceport sipb-xen-database to sqlalchemy-0.4
2008-08-25  Sam HartmanFix mindless typo in filenames
2008-08-25  Sam HartmanGenerate pg_hba.conf and install postgresql.conf sipb-xen-database/10.19
2008-08-06  Greg Priceadd and respect 'adminable' column to machines sipb-xen-database/10.18
2008-08-03  Greg Pricefinish configuration of sipb-xen-database; add network... sipb-xen-database/10.17
2008-08-03  Greg Priceupdate sipb-xen-database-tables sipb-xen-database/10.16
2008-08-03  Greg Priceget db uri from invirt.config in sipb-database sipb-xen-database/10.15
2008-08-03  Greg Pricecheck in uncommitted changes to /etc/xen/sipb-database...
2008-08-03  Greg Pricerename sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database sipb-xen-database/10.14
2008-06-22  Eric PriceDatabase changes for autoinstalls sipb-xen-database/10.13
2008-06-18  Anders KaseorgBump sipb-xen-database version. sipb-xen-database/10.12
2008-06-06  Eric PriceYet Another dch -i. sipb-xen-database/10.11
2008-06-06  Eric PriceThe usual delayed dch -i. sipb-xen-database/10.10
2008-06-02  Eric PriceActually increment the version number. sipb-xen-database/10.9
2008-06-02  Eric PricePerform eager caching of machine properties.
2008-05-02  Quentin SmithConfigure serial console on boot sipb-xen-database/10.8
2008-04-27  Greg Pricechangelogs sipb-xen-database/10.7
2008-04-27  Greg Pricedepend on psql client
2008-04-22  Eric PriceSupport autoinstalls table for creation list. sipb-xen-database/10.6
2008-04-21  Anders KaseorgEnable USB tablet device in guests.
2008-03-29  Eric PriceIncrement version number sipb-xen-database/10.4.1
2008-03-29  Eric PriceImprove postinst script to not give errors.
2008-03-29  Eric PriceUbuntu's dch sucks. sipb-xen-database/10.4
2008-03-29  Eric PriceIncrement the version number
2008-03-16  Tim AbbottFix lintian errors.
2008-01-24  Eric Pricedch -i sipb-xen-database/10.3
2007-11-12  Quentin SmithRemove unnecessary constructors sipb-xen-database/10.2
2007-11-12  Quentin SmithMake sipb-xen-database-tables safer sipb-xen-database/10.1
2007-11-12  Quentin SmithUpdate changelog sipb-xen-database/10
2007-10-10  Eric PriceNo changes. sipb-xen-database/9.0
2007-10-10  Eric PriceIncrement version number. sipb-xen-database/9
2007-10-09  Eric PriceChanged version numbers.
2007-10-07  Anders KaseorgActually import re.
2007-10-07  Anders Kaseorgimport re.
2007-10-07  Anders KaseorgUpdate control from
2007-10-07  Anders Kaseorgversion 7
2007-09-22  Nelson Elhagev6, with a script to autocreate any new logical volumes sipb-xen-database/6
2007-09-08  Nelson Elhagev5, change the host to sipb-xen-dev sipb-xen-database/5
2007-08-25  Nelson Elhageversion 4 sipb-xen-database/4
2007-08-19  Nelson ElhageAdd a connect() call to sipb-database and make some... sipb-xen-database/3
2007-08-17  Nelson Elhage-common shouldn't depend on the postgresql server
2007-08-16  Nelson ElhageA new version with less broken init scripts sipb-xen-database/2
2007-08-16  Nelson ElhageAdding postini and prerm scripts for sipb-xen-database... sipb-xen-database/1
2007-08-13  Nelson Elhagesvn:ignore some generated files
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageRename the -auto files to be correctly named
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageAdding glue to build python packages
2007-08-13  Nelson ElhageSkeleton CDBS packaging for database packages
2007-07-15  Nelson ElhageInitial skeleton structure for sipb-xen-database