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2009-02-27  Greg Pricechangelog 0.0.11
2009-02-27  Quentin SmithAnswer all PTR requests, even if we otherwise wouldn... 0.0.10
2009-02-27  Quentin SmithReverse-resolution support in invirt-dns
2009-01-31  Evan BroderThe DNS server shouldn't error if dns.zone_files isn... 0.0.9
2009-01-13  Evan BroderDNS lookups first look in the nics table and then the... 0.0.8
2008-11-12  Evan BroderSome quick touch-ups in Yang's quoting code - and a... 0.0.7
2008-11-01  Evan BroderAdd support for basic quoting in the DNS zone file 0.0.6
2008-11-01  Evan BroderPunt the passup option from the DNS since the zone... 0.0.5
2008-11-01  Evan BroderAdd support for DNS zone files that take precedence...
2008-11-01  Evan BroderRemove subversion from invirt-dns's dependencies 0.0.4
2008-11-01  Evan BroderWhoops - actually install the invirt-dns script
2008-11-01  Evan BroderRearrange invirt-dns to not use files/ tree 0.0.3
2008-11-01  Evan BroderFix the DNS server hanging on what should have been...
2008-10-24  Evan BroderStandardize on "Invirt project" in invirt-dns 0.0.2
2008-10-24  Greg Pricefix our copyright files
2008-10-24  Greg Pricesipb-xen -> invirt for dns 0.0.1
2008-10-04  Evan BroderUpdate SQLAlchemy code in sipb-xen-dns sipb-xen-dns/1.06
2008-10-02  Evan BroderActually include a requirement for twisted.names sipb-xen-dns/1.05.1
2008-10-02  Evan BroderBring sipb-xen-dns into alignment with more standard... sipb-xen-dns/1.05
2008-08-25  Yang Zhang * Search for longest-matching domain name instead...
2008-08-04  Yang Zhang * sipb_xen_database -> invirt.database sipb-xen-dns/1.02
2008-08-04  Greg Priceupdate SOA record for the order of things
2008-03-29  Evan BroderFixed a bug in the DNS startup script and the dependenc... sipb-xen-dns/1
2008-03-28  Evan BroderDNS server would now log any output to LOG_DAEMON....
2008-02-27  Evan BroderContact info for the two new packages should be sipb...
2008-02-26  Evan BroderAnd...we changed the port, so this wasn't accurate
2008-02-26  Evan BroderA couple fixups to the sipb-xen-dns package. Also,...
2008-02-25  Evan BroderCreated init scripts and moved script...
2008-02-25  Tim AbbottInitial checkin of sipb-xen-dns package.