invirt-host-master metapackage
[invirt/packages/invirt-host-master.git] / notes
2008-10-26  Greg Priceinvirt-host-master metapackage
2008-07-20  Greg Priceupdate host-master package and notes
2008-06-03  Greg Priceremove zev's code for lack of a license
2008-04-29  Evan BroderEh. There's a better way that we could eventually script to
2008-04-29  Quentin SmithChange krb5 realm correctly
2008-04-29  Greg Pricesteps for installing Kerberos
2008-04-27  Greg Priceanother installation step: reboot
2008-04-27  Quentin SmithFirst cut of cluster instructions
2008-04-27  Greg Priceupdate installation instructions
2008-04-26  Greg Pricefirst cut at master package for hosts