2013-05-29  Peter IannucciMake invirt-lvm lvcreate-all use sqlalchemy correctly. dev iannucci prod 0.4.14
2011-11-25  Mitchell E BergerMake the listvms remctl include domains that get stuck... 0.4.13
2011-11-09  Mitchell E BergerAdd DB/LVM disk consistency checker and web/checkdisks... 0.4.12
2011-10-25  Mitchell E BergerPrevent the janitor from trying to clean up nonexistent... 0.4.11
2010-12-27  Quentin SmithBump version. 0.4.10
2010-12-27  Quentin SmithDetect debian-installer-based autoinstalls.
2010-12-27  Quentin SmithAllow "preseed" as a valid installation option.
2010-10-04  Peter IannucciVersion bump. 0.4.7
2010-10-04  Peter IannucciFixed syntax error.
2010-10-04  Peter IannucciAdded "web vgcapacity" probe for disk utilization.
2010-01-17  Greg BrockmanBut openbsd-inetd dep in the correct package 0.4.5
2010-01-17  Greg BrockmanAdded openbsd-inetd to the install deps for invirt...
2010-01-15  Greg BrockmanChanged dependency debathena-kerberos-config -> invirt...
2009-10-29  Greg PriceStyle fixes in, and Debian changelog for, list and... 0.4.4
2009-10-25  Alex DehnertMinor cleanup of monocast and LVM load balancer
2009-10-20  Paul WeaverAdded list script.
2009-10-20  Paul WeaverDeleted extra print statement
2009-10-20  Paul WeaverModified the output of remctl listuser to use YAML
2009-10-20  Paul WeaverAdded a remctl script listuser which an admin can use...
2009-10-07  Alex DehnertBalance LVM requests (LP: #307361) 0.4.2
2009-09-20  Greg Priceyet more whitespace adjustment 0.4.1
2009-09-20  Greg PriceChangelog entry and whitespace pickiness for LP #349789...
2009-09-20  Paul Weaverlp invert bug 349789
2009-09-20  Paul Weaverlp:invert bug #349789:changed error message to unix...
2009-09-20  Paul Weaver Bug #349789: added spaces to error message
2009-09-20  Paul Weaver Bug #349789:changed * to all
2009-09-20  Paul Weaver Bug #349789:script to print error of not vm name
2009-09-20  Paul Weaver Bug #349789: added code for vm not listed in remctl
2009-08-16  Evan BroderNice the janitorial dds as well as ionicing them. 0.4.0
2009-08-12  Evan BroderAdd a safety check to the janitor to make sure we only...
2009-08-12  Evan BroderIn the invirt-janitor, ignore errors from the dd.
2009-08-12  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote:
2009-06-10  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote: 0.3.15
2009-05-03  Evan BroderDon't be quite as ionice to the dds that wipe out delet... 0.3.14
2009-04-04  Evan BroderI totally failed to patch invirt-remote-/server/ instead of
2009-04-03  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote: 0.3.12
2009-04-02  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote:
2009-03-18  Evan BroderIn invirt-remote: 0.3.11
2009-03-17  Greg Priceaccept /etc/invirt/{nolvm,nocreate} on remote-server 0.3.10
2009-03-17  Greg Priceinvirt-remote: enumerate all the subcommands on proxy...
2009-03-12  Evan BroderInclude a CDROM drive in listvms if there is one. 0.3.9
2009-02-28  Evan BroderAllow anyone on the adminacl to issue web remctls. 0.3.8
2009-02-26  Evan BroderAdd a remctl to find out the availability status of... 0.3.7
2009-02-17  Anders KaseorgDon't confuse {KB, MB, GB} with {KiB, MiB, GiB}. 0.3.6
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciMade some changes requested by Broder. 0.3.5
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciAdded all the other quotas for great win.
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciRAM quotas at remctl; RAM quota exception script, table...
2009-02-15  Peter IannucciFixed missing import 0.3.4
2009-02-14  Peter IannucciModified invirt-availability and invirt-vmcontrol to...
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciClean-up suggestions from price. Whitespace fixes. 0.3.3
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciUpdated changelog.
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciModified invirt-remote-create to use new availability...
2009-02-13  Peter IannucciAdded remote web availability remctl and script to...
2009-02-05  Greg Pricein invirt-remote-listvms, ignore another way VMs can...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderFor now, revert r2093-2095, which were committed by...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderAlways exec instead of fork&exec on the remctl server...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderDon't pass untrusted arguments to xm info.
2009-01-31  Greg Pricecreate /etc/remctl/remconffs in -server, not -host 0.3.1
2009-01-31  Greg Priceinvirt.remote.bcast: provide stderr text when remctl...
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix an accidental typo-uncorrection.
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix-up several packages to include the correct Conflict...
2009-01-24  Evan BroderOverwrite all content of a VM's LV before deleting it. 0.3.0
2008-12-11  Evan Broderconfig.{authn[0] => kerberos}.realm 0.2.2
2008-12-08  Evan BroderCreate the empty directory to mount remconffs in 0.2.1
2008-12-07  Evan BroderMerge invirt-remote-host and invirt-remote-server into... 0.2.0
2008-11-23  Evan BroderWe do use "$2 and so on" in invirt-vmcontrol
2008-11-23  Greg Pricefix gen_config -> gen_files in two initscripts invirt-remote-server/0.1.6
2008-11-22  Evan BroderFix a typo in calling in invirt-remote... invirt-remote-server/0.1.5
2008-11-22  Evan BroderSteal debathena-pyhesiodfs's ideas for invirt-remote... invirt-remote-server/0.1.4
2008-11-22  Evan BroderPunt more tabs
2008-11-21  Quentin SmithSwitched from caching ORM to direct database queries... invirt-remote-server/0.1.3
2008-11-21  Evan BroderSwitch from tabs to spaces
2008-11-21  Evan BroderUpdate remctl help with new reboot mechanism
2008-11-21  Evan BroderUse xm reboot instead of a destroy and create to reboot VMs invirt-remote-host/0.0.9
2008-11-18  Evan BroderI know this is the wrong answer, but doing lvchange... invirt-remote-host/0.0.8
2008-11-17  Evan BroderNow that remconffs is doing real caching, cache for... invirt-remote-server/0.1.1
2008-11-17  Evan BroderAdd real caching to remconffs invirt-remote-server/0.1.0
2008-11-16  Evan BroderAdd a "help" remctl for the control type invirt-remote-server/0.0.18
2008-11-15  Evan BroderChoose a host based on the maximum possible free memory...
2008-11-12  Evan BroderRemove another reference to the no-longer-used vmboot...
2008-11-11  Greg Pricefix changelog; the dangers of letting humans do things
2008-11-10  Evan BroderReturn the right output from remctls when doing a ... invirt-remote-server/0.0.16
2008-11-10  Evan BroderDon't fail to execute remctls if a single server is... invirt-remote-server/0.0.15
2008-11-10  Evan BroderMove invirt.remote Python module to invirt-remote-server
2008-11-07  Evan BroderDon't depend on invirt-mail-config everywhere invirt-remote-server/0.0.14
2008-11-07  Evan BroderDepend on invirt-mail-config on all servers invirt-remote-server/0.0.13
2008-11-06  Greg Priceshorten invirt-remote-server initscript with std-init...
2008-10-31  Evan BroderUse invoke-rc.d instead of calling init scripts directly in invirt-remote-host/0.0.6
2008-10-29  Evan BroderDon't proxy requests for the VNC cert if the requested... invirt-remote-server/0.0.11
2008-10-29  Evan BroderGlob together web-type remctls on invirt-remote-server invirt-remote-server/0.0.10
2008-10-29  Evan BroderAdd a `remote web vnccert` to invirt-remote-host to... invirt-remote-host/0.0.5
2008-10-29  Evan BroderAdd a `web vnccert` remctl to invirt-remote-server invirt-remote-server/0.0.9
2008-10-29  Evan BroderFix a typo in invirt-vmcontrol invirt-remote-host/0.0.4
2008-10-29  Evan BroderAdd a `remote control vnctoken` remctl for generating... invirt-remote-host/0.0.3
2008-10-28  Evan Brodersipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists invirt-remote-server/0.0.8
2008-10-26  Evan Brodersipb-xen-database-common -> invirt-database in invirt... invirt-remote-server/0.0.7
2008-10-25  Evan BroderRemove dependency on sipb-xen-chrony-config in invirt... invirt-remote-server/0.0.6
2008-10-25  Evan Brodersipb-database -> invirt-database in invirt-remote-host invirt-remote-host/0.0.2
2008-10-25  Evan BroderRename a spare sipb-xen file in invirt-remote-server invirt-remote-server/0.0.5
2008-10-25  Evan BroderUpdate the maintainer for invirt-remote-host invirt-remote-host/0.0.1