invirt-vnc-server should depend on openssl.
[invirt/packages/invirt-vnc-server.git] / debian / changelog
2009-01-30  Evan Broderinvirt-vnc-server should depend on openssl. 0.0.8
2009-01-09  Quentin SmithGenerate VNC certificates that last for 2 years 0.0.7
2009-01-08  Quentin SmithFix typo (silly Emacs...) 0.0.6
2009-01-08  Quentin SmithInclude the VNC host and port in the VNC authentication...
2008-11-04  Evan BroderActually switch the VNC server to using the new generat... 0.0.5
2008-10-29  Evan BroderInclude the hostname in the generated SSL certs so... 0.0.4
2008-10-29  Evan BroderIn invirt-vnc-server, deprecate /etc/invirt/secrets...
2008-10-29  Evan BroderFix a typo in invirt-vnc-server's init script 0.0.3
2008-10-29  Evan BroderFile reads are cheap. Don't cache the VNC token key... 0.0.2
2008-10-29  Evan BroderGenerate the VNC server certificates at install time
2008-10-29  Evan BroderCleanup invirt-vnc-server's init script to use /lib...
2008-10-29  Evan BroderAdd a script for generating VNC auth tokens, to be...
2008-10-29  Evan BroderGenerate the VNC token key at invirt-vnc-server install...
2008-10-28  Evan Brodersipb-xen-vnc-server -> invirt-vnc-server
2008-10-28  Evan BroderSwitch sipb-xen-vnc-server to use distutils
2008-10-28  Evan BroderMove VNC server certs into /usr/share/sipb-xen-vnc...
2008-10-04  Evan BroderUpdate sipb-xen-vnc-server dependencies for Hardy sipb-xen-vnc-server/1.1
2008-03-29  Evan BroderToday is, in fact, not a Sunday sipb-xen-vnc-server/1
2008-03-28  Evan BroderMoving VNC proxy server into a package