Fix path to gitweb static content
[invirt/packages/invirt-web.git] / debian / changelog
2011-05-22  Quentin SmithFix path to gitweb static content 0.1.19
2011-05-08  Joshua OremanRequire invirt-web POSTs to have proper referers oremanj 0.1.18
2011-01-23  Quentin SmithAdd support for amd64 and i386 squeeze autoinstalls. 0.1.17
2010-12-29  Quentin SmithShow historical domain CPU usage if available.
2010-12-28  Quentin SmithAdd support for amd64 debathena lucid autoinstalls.
2010-12-27  Quentin SmithAdd lucid autoinstalls 0.1.14
2010-12-27  Quentin SmithSupport debian-installer based preseeded installations 0.1.13
2010-10-18  Joshua OremanReenable VM creation until we can get it properly depen... 0.1.10
2010-10-05  Peter IannucciAdds support for conditionally disabling VM creation.
2010-08-26  Greg BrockmanUse expandOwner/expandAdmin rather than removed expandL... gdb gdb-git 0.1.8
2010-08-26  Andrew M. FarrellRename code/ to /var/www/invirt-web/ in binary-fixup
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanCheckout the current HEAD when building 0.1.7
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanAdd gitweb configuration
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanSwitch from svn to git
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanRemove crufty invirt-web-iptables files
2010-01-19  Greg BrockmanRemoved nonexistance makefile target and redundant...
2010-01-03  Evan BroderMerge invirt-web-iptables into invirt-web and use the new
2009-12-28  Evan BroderAdd more user-friendly error handling for common errors...
2009-12-21  Evan BroderDo some config cleanup in invirt-web.
2009-12-21  Quentin SmithProperly separate the auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi scripts cherrypy-rebased
2009-12-20  Greg PriceFill in changelog with the many things that changed.
2009-12-16  Evan BroderBump the version on the invirt-web package since we... 0.0.24
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithMake changelog entries describe package changes, not...
2009-09-29  Evan BroderRevert punting the "moocow" password in invirt-web and 0.0.23
2009-09-29  Evan BroderPunt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we...
2009-09-29  Evan BroderPunt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we... 0.0.22
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithFull error handling
2009-08-09  Quentin SmithDepend on python-cherrypy3 and python-mako in preparati...
2009-02-28  Evan BroderAdd a changelog entry for the cache_acls change. 0.0.21
2009-02-27  Quentin SmithAdd "reusable" column for nics, to avoid reusing addres...
2009-02-17  Anders KaseorgDon't confuse {KB, MB, GB} with {KiB, MiB, GiB}. 0.0.20
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciAdded all the other quotas for great win. 0.0.19
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciRAM quotas at remctl; RAM quota exception script, table...
2009-01-31  Greg Priceenable Apache modules we need
2009-01-31  Greg Pricedepend on remctl-client in invirt-base, not invirt-web
2009-01-31  Greg Priceorganize the 24 dependencies of invirt-web a bit
2009-01-31  Greg Priceget mitCAclient.pem from debathena-ssl-certificates
2009-01-31  Greg Priceinvirt-web: depend on apache2, remctl-client, two others
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix-up several packages to include the correct Conflict... 0.0.17
2009-01-01  Greg Priceinvirt-web: depend on mail-transport-agent, not postfix. 0.0.16
2008-12-31  Greg Priceinvirt-cache-acls: get afs cell list from invirt-config
2008-12-31  Greg Pricefix pts mem vulnerability, with new -encrypt option
2008-12-20  Greg Priceinvirt-web: make initscript stop command not leave...
2008-12-11  Evan BroderClose the changelog entry for invirt-web 0.0.15
2008-12-11  Evan Broderconfig.{authn[0] => kerberos}.realm
2008-12-07  Evan Broderinvirt-web should depend on invirt-web-iptables 0.0.14
2008-11-21  Evan BroderAdd cron dependencies for packages that should have it 0.0.13
2008-11-17  Evan BroderWhoops - forgot to drop an option to k5start 0.0.12
2008-11-17  Evan BroderUse daemon/$HOSTNAME instead of the first principal... 0.0.11
2008-11-16  Evan BroderFix all kinds of problems with that last version of... 0.0.10
2008-11-16  Evan BroderSet the trac URL to redirect off-site 0.0.9
2008-11-07  Evan BroderDon't depend on invirt-mail-config everywhere 0.0.8
2008-11-07  Evan BroderDepend on invirt-mail-config on all servers 0.0.7
2008-11-07  Evan BroderDepend on invirt-dns so there is a local nameserver...
2008-11-07  Evan BroderIn the web interface, validate names by querying agains...
2008-11-03  Evan Broderinvirt-svn-server and invirt-web both depend on AFS... 0.0.6
2008-11-01  Evan BroderValidate hostnames by querying to see if the name exist...
2008-10-29  Evan BroderEnable IP forwarding on the web server so that VNC... invirt-web-iptables/0.0.2
2008-10-28  Evan Brodersipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists 0.0.4
2008-10-26  Evan Brodersipb-xen-vnc-client -> invirt-vnc-client in invirt-web 0.0.3
2008-10-26  Greg Price/sipb-xen -> /invirt in serving apt repo
2008-10-26  Greg Pricesipb-xen-www -> invirt-web 0.0.1
2008-10-26  Evan Brodersipb-xen-database-common -> invirt-database in sipb...
2008-10-25  Greg Priceoops, lost update to invirt-web-iptables changelog invirt-web-iptables/0.0.1
2008-10-25  Greg Pricemake reload work too in sipb-xen-iptables.init, just...
2008-10-25  Greg Priceshorten sipb-xen-iptables initscript with
2008-10-24  Evan BroderFix build-deps on sipb-xen-www sipb-xen-www/3.17
2008-10-24  Quentin SmithTHIS is why I don't commit very often
2008-10-24  Quentin SmithOffer Kerberos authentication to supporting browsers
2008-10-24  Greg Priceshorten sipb-xen-www initscript with new library
2008-10-19  Evan BroderLimit the number of secrets: use /etc/invirt/keytab... sipb-xen-www/3.15
2008-10-12  Greg Priceuse wildcard for config.web.errormail_exclude sipb-xen-www/3.14.4
2008-10-05  Evan Broderinvirt-configurize sipb-xen-iptables sipb-xen-iptables/2
2008-10-05  Evan BroderActually stop Apache on shutdown sipb-xen-www/3.14.3
2008-10-05  Evan BroderBe sure to clean up sipb-xen-www when it's uninstalled sipb-xen-www/3.14.2
2008-10-05  Evan BroderTurns out sipb-xen-www's init script was the problem... sipb-xen-www/3.14.1
2008-10-05  Evan BroderAttempt to get Apache and OpenAFS to start in the right... sipb-xen-www/3.14
2008-10-04  Evan BroderDon't add another Listen 443 directive - apache gets... sipb-xen-www/3.13.1
2008-10-04  Evan BroderBe sure to listen on both port 443 and 446 sipb-xen-www/3.13
2008-10-04  Evan BroderUpdate sipb-xen-www to use the new invirt-confiscated... sipb-xen-www/3.12
2008-10-01  Greg Pricefix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs
2008-09-29  Greg Pricesipb-xen-www depends on AFS and python-flup
2008-08-08  Yang Zhang * further integration of invirt.config
2008-08-04  Greg Pricetake instance from keytab in k5start apache2.init wrapper sipb-xen-www/3.7
2008-08-03  Greg Priceuncommitted changes from
2008-08-02  Greg Pricerather, daemon/xvm-2
2008-08-02  Greg Priceuse host/xvm-2 for writing svn repo from web
2008-07-28  Greg Priceadd kstart apache wrapper; update control
2008-06-16  Greg Pricelong timeouts in FastCGI, so the autoinstaller can...
2008-06-16  Greg Pricedepend on mod_fcgid
2008-05-11  Greg Pricemake web hostname canonicalize as xvm, not sipb-xen-dev
2008-05-09  Evan BroderFix the SVN server to point to the new AFS mountpoint
2008-05-09  Greg PriceApache config to allow that front page
2008-05-09  Greg Pricecheck in (part of?) the Apache config
2008-03-31  Evan BroderAnd...I should actually read examples before I copy... sipb-xen-www/3.1
2008-03-31  Evan BroderRefresh the ACL cache every 5 minutes sipb-xen-www/3
2008-03-29  Eric PriceIncrement debian version. sipb-xen-www/2
2008-03-29  Evan BroderToday is, in fact, not a Sunday
2008-03-29  Evan BroderMoved sipb-xen-www into a package
2008-03-29  Evan BroderOk - I think this will load the iptables rules on boot