2010-08-26  Greg BrockmanUse expandOwner/expandAdmin rather than removed expandL... gdb gdb-git 0.1.8
2010-08-26  Andrew M. FarrellRename code/ to /var/www/invirt-web/ in binary-fixup
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanCheckout the current HEAD when building 0.1.7
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanAdd gitweb configuration
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanSwitch from svn to git
2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanRemove crufty invirt-web-iptables files
2010-06-27  Quentin SmithAllow partial success when modifying a VM, so the datab...
2010-05-17  Anders KaseorgDon’t double-escape the helppopup subject.
2010-02-21  Evan BroderClear all objects from the SQLAlchemy session at the...
2010-02-01  Peter IannucciMade cache_acls use invirt.authz.
2010-02-01  Quentin SmithWork around quirk of CherryPy dispatching that causes...
2010-01-21  Quentin SmithPut the MOTD at /etc/invirt/motd.html and parse it... 0.1.5
2010-01-19  Greg BrockmanRemoved nonexistance makefile target and redundant...
2010-01-19  Paul WeaverCleared up cert language
2010-01-14  Evan BroderCleanup the invirt-web iptables so that what their...
2010-01-11  Paul WeaverAdded service message to https, modified cert line
2010-01-03  Evan BroderMerge invirt-web-iptables into invirt-web and use the new
2009-12-30  Evan BroderFix modifying powered-on machines.
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverMoved all code for service messages to unauth.make
2009-12-30  Paul Weaverchanged <table> to <div>
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverFixed some style errors
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverAdded some code to display a service message from the...
2009-12-30  Paul Weavermade link to auth using Personal Certificates more...
2009-12-30  Paul WeaverAdded a like for kerberos authentication for the website
2009-12-28  Evan BroderStylize the results box a bit more so it's more visible.
2009-12-28  Evan BroderAdd more user-friendly error handling for common errors...
2009-12-28  Quentin SmithThere's two trs
2009-12-28  Quentin SmithDon't use JavaScript to stripe rows
2009-12-28  Evan BroderAdjust the Makefile shipped with the website to kill...
2009-12-28  Evan BroderAdd label tags to group <input> tags with their labels...
2009-12-27  Evan BroderNuke an extra </form> tag.
2009-12-27  Evan BroderThe <input /> tag is always empty, so having a separate...
2009-12-27  Evan BroderDon't escape a string in one of the Mako templates.
2009-12-27  Evan BroderDon't over-escape Javascript in the web templates.
2009-12-21  Evan BroderDo some config cleanup in invirt-web.
2009-12-21  Greg Priceinvirt.fcgi: Document wrapper scripts more explicitly. 0.1.1
2009-12-21  Greg PriceFix format string usage.
2009-12-21  Greg Priceinvirt.fcgi: fix usage message, simplify option-parsing...
2009-12-21  Quentin SmithMerge auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi fixes from the old...
2009-12-21  Quentin SmithProperly separate the auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi scripts cherrypy-rebased
2009-12-21  Evan BroderMerge cherrypy-rebased branch of invirt-web into trunk. 0.1.0
2009-12-21  Quentin SmithAdd an icon to be shown when a VM is being installed
2009-12-21  Greg PriceFix dumb mistakes in my r2655.
2009-12-21  Greg PriceDeduplicate the code in auth.fcgi and unauth.fcgi
2009-12-21  Evan BroderDon't calculate static_dir in the fcgi files - we no...
2009-12-21  Evan BroderRemove the "checkpoint" code for timing measurements.
2009-12-20  Evan BroderSetup hosting for static resources in the InvirtWeb and
2009-12-20  Evan BroderUse separate fcgi files for the authed and unauthed...
2009-12-20  Evan BroderFix the unauthenticated web interface.
2009-12-20  Evan BroderPunt some RewriteRules for deprecated URLs we no longer...
2009-12-20  Greg Pricecommand: recognize new "internal" name for delete
2009-12-20  Greg PriceFill in changelog with the many things that changed.
2009-12-20  Greg fix long lines
2009-12-20  Greg double blank lines at toplevel
2009-12-20  Greg clean up remote_user_login
2009-12-20  Greg fix a docstring
2009-12-20  Greg small Python style improvement
2009-12-20  Greg Pricelist.mako: map/lambda make Guido sad, use a comprehension
2009-12-20  Greg Priceinfo.mako: cut no-longer-used hidden field
2009-12-16  Evan BroderBump the version on the invirt-web package since we... 0.0.24
2009-12-08  Evan BroderUpdate the cherrypy branch to use authz.afs.cells inste...
2009-12-08  Evan BroderStore AFS cell configuration at authz.afs.cells instead...
2009-11-23  Evan Broder"Cherry-pick" r2557 (Re-arrange the authz configuration...
2009-11-23  Evan BroderRe-arrange the authz configuration.
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithDocument MachineView.__getattr__
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithMake changelog entries describe package changes, not...
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithClarify the operation of MakoHandler
2009-10-29  Quentin SmithRevert "Replace weird username logic with the old logic."
2009-10-29  Greg Pricefix a syntax error from my r2526
2009-10-29  Greg PriceRestore explanatory comment on random.seed().
2009-10-29  Greg Pricestyle tweaks
2009-10-29  Greg Pricetighten a bit of code
2009-10-29  Greg FieldStorage is history, so revert to sugared...
2009-10-29  Greg Pricefix super-long lines
2009-10-29  Greg Pricetighten a bit of code
2009-10-29  Greg Pricecut a leftover comment, fix a bit of spacing
2009-10-29  Greg Pricecut uninformative comment and blank line
2009-10-29  Greg Pricemain.fcgi: usage, fix a bit of spacing
2009-10-29  Greg Pricesmall style fix
2009-10-29  Greg PriceReplace weird username logic with the old logic.
2009-10-29  Greg Pricestyle nit
2009-10-29  Paul WeaverRemoved useless method
2009-10-20  Quentin SmithRemove unused external_remote_user_login function
2009-09-29  Evan BroderRevert punting the "moocow" password in invirt-web and 0.0.23
2009-09-29  Evan BroderPunt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we...
2009-09-29  Quentin SmithRemove unused template code
2009-09-29  Quentin SmithUse contact address from config on error page
2009-09-29  Evan BroderPunt the "moocow" VNC password - it's dumb, and we... 0.0.22
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithFull error handling
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithUnauthenticated front page
2009-09-28  Quentin SmithMake modify form work
2009-09-27  Quentin SmithImplement administrator mode
2009-08-11  Quentin SmithUpdate the errortest handler for cherrypy
2009-08-10  Evan BroderOnly aklog to a cell if encryption is actually needed.
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithShow installer status on the front page, and unbreak...
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithClarify that staff can receive Windows license keys...
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithWrite handler for create form, and consolidate code...
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithMake commands work from list and info pages
2009-08-10  Quentin SmithUse RESTful URLs for commands
2009-08-10  Evan BroderTranslate newlines to break tags in the machine descrip...