2008-03-31  Evan BroderRefresh the ACL cache every 5 minutes sipb-xen-www/3
2008-03-30  Greg Priceabsolute path to VncViewer.jar (someone's uncommitted...
2008-03-30  Greg Priceconsole tips in popup (broder's uncommitted change)
2008-03-30  Greg Priceexpose cloning autoinstaller in web interface
2008-03-29  Eric PriceIncrement debian version. sipb-xen-www/2
2008-03-29  Eric PricePreinst script to create sipb-xen group.
2008-03-29  Evan BroderFixed a bug in the DNS startup script and the dependenc... sipb-xen-www/1
2008-03-29  Greg Pricemove framebuffer tip to /help page
2008-03-29  Greg Priceerr, actually writable
2008-03-29  Greg Pricekeep /var/www/sipb-xen-www writable by our accounts
2008-03-29  Evan BroderToday is, in fact, not a Sunday
2008-03-29  Evan BroderIf I'm lucky, I might have a sipb-xen-vnc-client packag...
2008-03-29  Eric PriceFix the Makefile to recursively apply make.
2008-03-29  Evan BroderMoved sipb-xen-www into a package
2008-03-29  Eric PriceResolve #40 to make powering on/off a post.
2008-03-29  Evan BroderOk - I think this will load the iptables rules on boot
2008-03-28  Eric Price450 pixels is too short. Making it not hard-coded...
2008-03-28  Greg Priceadvise users to disable the framebuffer
2008-03-28  Eric PricePut alpha message in SVN
2008-03-07  Eric PriceFix bug resulting from partial uptimes list from r261
2008-02-24  Quentin SmithFixing VNC client height and turning off "service is...
2008-02-02  Quentin SmithCheck quotas against the machine's owner and not the...
2008-01-30  Eric PriceUpdate acls on creation and don't always through a...
2008-01-30  Eric PriceFix bug during create/delete clearing the cache
2008-01-30  Eric PriceModularize yet more
2008-01-30  Eric PriceModularize more
2008-01-25  Eric PriceUse cached ACLs
2008-01-25  Eric PriceOnly update the differences (and actually work).
2008-01-24  Eric PriceDo entire ACL update in a transaction, not for each...
2008-01-24  Eric PriceRename misleading relation from users to acl.
2007-12-29  Anders KaseorgRemove backdoor.
2007-12-15  Quentin SmithAllow users to change memory of machines if the machine...
2007-12-11  Eric PriceAllow fully qualified domains in the NICs table to...
2007-12-11  Eric PriceFix bug in revision 250.
2007-12-11  Quentin SmithAllow service maintainers to bump memory
2007-11-27  Eric PriceThe code to redo the acls that we made a couple weeks...
2007-11-27  Quentin SmithMake the profiling depend on an environment variable...
2007-11-27  Eric PriceMakes deleting VMs work with the access controls.
2007-11-14  Eric PriceRevert to old list method until we start updating the...
2007-11-12  Quentin SmithRemove unnecessary constructors
2007-11-12  Eric Price(update link).
2007-11-12  Eric PriceMove out of the templates directory.
2007-11-12  Eric PriceUse the compiled Cheetah templates.
2007-11-12  Eric PriceNow ignore negative rights, rather than treat them...
2007-10-29  Eric PriceReplace 'megabyte' with 'MiB' to please Anders.
2007-10-29  Eric PriceRemove the useless User class (now user is a string)
2007-10-29  Eric PriceRemove the hostname as separate from machine name.
2007-10-28  Quentin SmithUhh, use SSL...
2007-10-28  Quentin SmithUse non-auth port 446 to load the VNC applet, so the...
2007-10-28  Quentin SmithUse daemon/ and don't give user fake...
2007-10-22  Anders KaseorgUse standard units.
2007-10-22  Anders KaseorgThe CSS interferes with the height=100% on the VNC...
2007-10-21  Eric PriceSplit in four.
2007-10-20  Eric PriceThese shouldn't be here (since they're compiled, and...
2007-10-20  Eric PriceRemoved the Javascript, since I realized that
2007-10-20  Eric Price(Forget to make this to test it)
2007-10-20  Eric PriceA monster checkin, with a variety of changes to the web
2007-10-19  Eric PriceFix to admin
2007-10-16  Tim Abbottuse the new remctl interface
2007-10-12  Eric PriceBigger applet
2007-10-11  Eric Pricebugfix
2007-10-11  Eric PriceHelp, admin, links at the top.
2007-10-11  Eric PriceRemove the MAC address from the summary page.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceAnd another one.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceMake link relative, not absolute.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceNot clear that should be in the repository...
2007-10-10  Eric PriceCreate a static/ directory
2007-10-10  Eric PriceBug fix.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceLeave open the option of administrator acls.
2007-10-10  Tim AbbottAdd CSS!
2007-10-10  Eric PriceSeveral modifications.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceAnother bare except removed.
2007-10-10  Eric Pricedon't display uptime, cputime when machine is off.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceMachine name cannot be changed while the machine is...
2007-10-10  Eric PriceMake not modifying the disks work.
2007-10-10  Eric Pricefix invalid input exception, and let you "change" machi...
2007-10-10  Eric Priceminor bugfix, and check not reusing names.
2007-10-10  Eric PriceNo longer force user_ at start of machine name on machi...
2007-10-10  Eric PriceAdd support for
2007-10-10  Eric PriceDon't fail to delete the VM because it wasn't running
2007-10-09  Eric Pricedestroy machines before trying to delete them.
2007-10-09  Eric PriceBugfixes.
2007-10-09  Eric Pricebugfix
2007-10-09  Eric PriceImprove the error infrastructure. Hopefully this works...
2007-10-09  Eric PriceStore a little global state to avoid an extra remctls.
2007-10-09  Eric PriceFor new naming scheme.
2007-10-08  Eric PriceDocumentation + cleaning up a little.
2007-10-08  Eric PriceMore updates.
2007-10-08  Eric PricePython 2.4 support
2007-10-08  Eric PriceHelp!
2007-10-08  Eric PriceParaVM on list
2007-10-08  Eric PriceHVM/ParaVM
2007-10-08  Eric PriceMore stuff.
2007-10-08  Eric PriceMoo!
2007-10-08  Eric PriceUpdate
2007-10-07  Quentin SmithDon't store unnecessary info in the token
2007-10-07  Eric PriceMore work.
2007-10-07  Quentin SmithGenerate real authentication tokens
2007-10-07  Eric PriceInitial import of web interface.