2008-10-31  Evan BroderForgot to actually add the path onto the sysvms for... 0.0.12
2008-10-31  Evan BroderAdd a typo'd missing paren
2008-10-31  Evan BroderAutomatically startup sysvms if they're not running... 0.0.11
2008-10-31  Evan BroderGenerate config files for sysvms in invirt-xen-config 0.0.10
2008-10-29  Greg Pricedon't try to disable tx checksums for HVMs; it errors out
2008-10-28  Evan Brodersipb-xen-base -> invirt-base in dependency lists 0.0.8
2008-10-26  Greg Priceclarify invirt-xen-config description, as distinct...
2008-10-26  Evan Brodersipb-xen-database-common -> invirt-database in invirt... 0.0.6
2008-10-25  Evan BroderGive invirt-xen-config's init script a less weird descr... 0.0.5
2008-10-25  Evan BroderClose the invirt-xen-config changelog entry 0.0.4
2008-10-25  Evan BroderAnother typo in invirt-xen-config's init script
2008-10-25  Evan BroderFix invirt-xen-config's init script 0.0.3
2008-10-25  Evan BroderWhoops - add the dependencies for the old sipb-xen... 0.0.2
2008-10-25  Evan BroderAdd config-package-dev to invirt-xen-config's build... 0.0.1
2008-10-25  Evan BroderMove the invirt-database Xen config script into invirt...
2008-10-25  Evan BroderGenerate and install /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp in invirt...
2008-10-25  Evan BroderDivert /etc/xen/qemu-ifup instead of just scribbling...
2008-10-25  Evan BroderRemove nullmailer from invirt-xen-config - it'll be...
2008-10-25  Evan BroderRearrange invirt-xen-config
2008-10-25  Evan Brodersipb-xen-dom0 -> invirt-xen-config
2008-10-24  Greg Pricefix our copyright files
2008-10-20  Evan BroderFix DHCP checksum error for ParaVMs sipb-xen-dom0/2.10
2008-10-19  Evan BroderWhoops - was slightly too vicious with the cuts to... sipb-xen-dom0/2.9.1
2008-10-19  Evan BroderFix networking for HVM guests sipb-xen-dom0/2.9
2008-10-08  Greg Pricerecord a configurization todo in sipb-xen-dom0
2008-10-07  Evan BroderApply Sam's fix to vif-sipbroute from shadow-moses sipb-xen-dom0/2.8
2008-10-06  Evan BroderUpdate qemu-dm-sipb to reflect the new location of... sipb-xen-dom0/2.7
2008-10-02  Greg Pricesipb-xen-dom0 depend on sipb-xen-base
2008-09-29  Greg Priceremove DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=.svn from rules files
2008-09-28  Greg Priceallow linux-xen as dependency for sipb-xen-dom0
2008-09-28  Greg Priceexclude .svn in builds
2008-08-03  Quentin SmithBump min dom0 memory to 1G, to prevent memory starvatio...
2008-08-02  Greg Pricetodo lists for configuration
2008-05-05  Anders Kaseorglosetup -f finds an unused loop device.
2008-05-02  Anders KaseorgDon't rely on exported $ROOT. sipb-xen-dom0/2.5
2008-05-01  Greg Pricechangelogs sipb-xen-dom0/2.4
2008-04-22  Greg Pricesipb-xen-losetup: a half-sane way to use losetup
2007-10-28  Anders KaseorgDepend on generic metapackages/provides instead of... sipb-xen-dom0/2.3
2007-10-05  Anders KaseorgStuff that works is happy.
2007-08-26  Sam Hartman * Add qemu-ifup script that depends on the device... sipb-xen-dom0/2.2
2007-08-25  Sam Hartmanset forwarding to 1 before changing the other settings
2007-08-24  Sam Hartman * Fix typo in init script sipb-xen-dom0/2.1
2007-08-24  Sam Hartman * Add qemu-dm-sipb written by andersk to get us the... sipb-xen-dom0/2
2007-08-05  Sam HartmanFix typo sipb-xen-dom0/1
2007-08-05  Sam HartmanNew package to represent dom0 configuration