Fix PyHesiodFS to use auto-conversion convention
[invirt/packages/python-routefs.git] / routefs /
2008-08-12  Evan BroderAutomatically convert strs and lists to Files and Direc...
2008-08-12  Evan BroderUse the mode specified by the various representation...
2008-08-12  Evan BroderAdd new File class, and allow all classes to specify...
2008-08-12  Evan BroderMove DictFS import so it doesn't break
2008-08-12  Evan BroderExport DictFS in the routefs module
2008-08-12  Evan BroderLots of docstrings!
2008-08-04  Evan BroderFirst hack at a version
2008-08-04  Evan BroderInitial project creation