Refactor postinstall script so it has a separate script for connecting to the RAID
[invirt/packages/xvm-iscsi-config.git] / debian / changelog
2010-12-12  Quentin SmithRefactor postinstall script so it has a separate script...
2010-12-04  Quentin SmithSupport multiple iSCSI targets and read their addresses... 0.0.11
2010-01-18  Greg BrockmanUpdated changelogs 0.0.10
2009-01-26  Evan BroderFix-up several packages to include the correct Conflict... 0.0.9
2009-01-15  Evan BroderShorten the timeout for when queued requests get punted... 0.0.8
2009-01-15  Evan BroderConfigure multipath. 0.0.7
2009-01-15  Evan BroderConfigure iSCSI on both backend interfaces.
2008-12-28  Greg Pricetweak xvm-iscsi-config.init to emit log messages correctly
2008-12-28  Greg Pricexvm-iscsi-config: print restart message only if setting... 0.0.5
2008-12-28  Greg Pricexvm-iscsi-config: don't restart on upgrade, only first... 0.0.4
2008-12-27  Greg Pricecut -storage-config, move -clster-config dependency... 0.0.3
2008-11-04  Evan BroderUse bash for xvm-iscsi-config init script for 0.0.2
2008-11-01  Evan BroderCreate xvm-iscsi-config package