2010-01-15  Greg BrockmanFixed typo dev prod 0.0.5
2010-01-07  Evan BroderAdd invirt-ssh-config as a dependency for all of the...
2009-12-16  Evan BroderAdd xvm-authz-locker dependency to the xvm-master metap... 0.0.4
2008-12-27  Greg Pricecut -storage-config, move -clster-config dependency... 0.0.3
2008-12-27  Greg Pricemove apticron, molly-guard dependencies to xvm metapack... 0.0.2
2008-12-17  Greg Priceinvirt-svn-server is vaporware, invirt-web does the...
2008-12-17  Greg Priceadd invirt-svn-server to xvm-master
2008-12-17  Greg Pricespelling, punctuation in xvm-meta control
2008-12-07  Evan BroderAdd a new xvm-meta source package 0.0.1