Reserve the name "help" because `remctl remote control help` wouldn't work
[invirt/packages/xvm-prodconfig.git] / zone
1 @       900     IN      SOA (
2         2
3         1d
4         1d
5         1d
6         1d
7         )
9 ; Our services
10 ns1             IN      A
11 remote          IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with an XVM server"
12 console         IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with an XVM server"
13 prod            IN      TXT     "reserved for the XVM production cluster"
14 dev             IN      NS
15 help            IN      TXT     "reserved for help with the remctl command"
17 localhost       IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with your own computer"
18 localdomain     IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with your own computer"
19 broadcasthost   IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with your own computer"
21 ; Athena services we don't want to conflict with
22 athena          IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
23 dialup          IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
24 outgoing        IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
25 po9             IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
26 po10            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
27 po11            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
28 po12            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
29 po13            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
30 po14            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
31 po15            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
32 sipb            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
33 wpad            IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
34 web             IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"
35 www             IN      TXT     "reserved to prevent confusion with common Athena services"