2010-08-23  Greg BrockmanDepend on package resources gdb 0.0.34
2010-07-11  Greg BrockmanUpdated changelog
2010-07-06  Greg BrockmanImprovements to captureOutput bac125e341bf1807e8d35efde0ab22bdf9e4d8fc
2010-02-05  Evan BroderSelect an authz module using setuptools' entry points...
2010-02-01  Greg BrockmanAdded an invirt mako render script.
2010-01-28  Evan BroderFix invirt-base's handling of triggers. 0.0.30
2010-01-28  Evan BroderAdd code to invirt-reload to de-duplicate multiple... 0.0.29
2010-01-22  Greg BrockmanRemoved invirt-web-afs-apache
2009-12-21  Evan BroderHave authz providers use an invirt.authz module. 0.0.28
2009-12-17  Greg BrockmanReverted r2613 and started a new hvirt branch on the...
2009-12-17  Greg BrockmanRemoved debathena from sources.list.d; deleted the...
2009-12-16  Evan BroderStop installing a sources.list.d file for XVM's apt... 0.0.27
2009-12-16  Evan BroderMove XVM's locker authorization code into a separate...
2009-12-15  Evan BroderSubclass invirt.common.struct from dict, instead of... 0.0.26
2009-12-08  Evan BroderStore AFS cell configuration at authz.afs.cells instead...
2009-11-29  Evan BroderTake advantage of the newly added symbolic names for...
2009-11-29  Evan BroderRephrase the docstrin...
2009-11-23  Evan BroderIn, deal with getting tokens and
2009-11-23  Evan BroderUpdate invirt-base's to deal with invirt.authz...
2009-11-23  Evan BroderAdd a magic invirt.authz.mech module that loads whateve...
2009-11-23  Evan BroderAdd a module to invirt-base for...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderAdd a changelog entry to invirt-base for r2551 (Add...
2009-11-22  Evan BroderAdd an __iter__ method to invirt.common.struct.
2009-11-22  Evan BroderIn invirt-base:
2009-04-26  Evan BroderIn invirt-base: 0.0.25
2009-02-17  Evan BroderMove invirt-setquotas into invirt-database. 0.0.24
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciYay yasb 0.0.23
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciChangelogs 0.0.22
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciFixed last yasb hopefully
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciMade some changes requested by Broder. 0.0.21
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciAdded all the other quotas for great win.
2009-02-17  Peter IannucciRAM quotas at remctl; RAM quota exception script, table...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderFor now, revert r2093-2095, which were committed by...
2009-02-05  Evan BroderGet rid of confusing err=True option to invirt.remctl...
2009-01-31  Greg Pricefix usage message in 0.0.20
2009-01-31  Greg Pricedepend on remctl-client in invirt-base, not invirt-web
2009-01-30  Greg Pricefix whitespace in debathena.list
2009-01-26  Evan BroderUse a trigger in invirt-base to run invirt-reload inste... 0.0.19
2008-12-29  Greg Priceinvirt.common: handle yaml's None with empty struct... 0.0.18
2008-12-29  Greg Priceinvirt.common: give clearer error message on missing...
2008-12-29  Greg Priceinvirt.config: fix an error on empty config files
2008-12-28  Greg Pricedocument better
2008-12-28  Greg degrade to non-bash gracefully
2008-12-28  Greg Priceinvirt.config.run_parts_list: fix unclear docstring
2008-12-27  Greg Pricemove apticron, molly-guard dependencies to xvm metapack... 0.0.17
2008-12-11  Evan Broderconfig.{authn[0] => kerberos}.realm 0.0.16
2008-12-07  Evan BroderStop depending on invirt-mail-config in invirt-base 0.0.15
2008-12-06  Evan BroderMove the prod .k5login file to xvm-prodconfig 0.0.14
2008-11-21  Evan BroderAdd a dependency on apticron for all servers 0.0.13
2008-11-15  Evan BroderUpdate apt sources list for prod 0.0.12
2008-11-12  Evan BroderFix another typo - this one in invirt.common 0.0.11
2008-11-12  Evan BroderFix a missing import in the invirt.remctl code 0.0.10
2008-11-11  Evan BroderActually generalize the invirt.remctl module 0.0.9
2008-11-11  Evan BroderMove the remctl code into invirt.remctl
2008-11-11  Evan BroderMove CodeError and InvalidInput into invirt.common
2008-11-11  Greg Priceinvirt-reload should force-reload, not just reload
2008-11-10  Evan BroderMove invirt.remote Python module to invirt-remote-server 0.0.7
2008-11-07  Evan BroderActually depend on invirt-mail-config on /all/ servers 0.0.6
2008-11-03  Evan BroderAll servers should have molly-guard installed to preven... 0.0.5
2008-11-01  Evan BroderPunt references to sipb-xen- packages from invirt-reload 0.0.4
2008-10-31  Evan BroderUse invoke-rc.d instead of calling init scripts directly in 0.0.3
2008-10-29  Greg Pricecreate conf.d directory with .dirs file 0.0.2
2008-10-29  Greg Priceuse run-parts semantics in conf.d directory
2008-10-29  Greg Priceuse /etc/invirt/conf.d/ too in invirt.config
2008-10-29  Greg Pricefactor a bit of code out of the mondo invirt.config...
2008-10-29  Greg Priceeliminate choice of source and cache files in invirt...
2008-10-26  Greg Pricelook in /invirt as apt repo URI rather than /sipb-xen 0.0.1
2008-10-26  Greg Pricesipb-xen-base -> invirt-base
2008-10-26  Greg Pricefix to degrade gracefully to plain-old sh sipb-xen-base/8.29
2008-10-25  Greg to put the usual initscript boilerplate... sipb-xen-base/8.28
2008-10-24  Evan BroderUse invoke-rc.d in invirt-reload so that policy-rc... sipb-xen-base/8.27
2008-10-24  Evan BroderMove invirt-reload to /usr/sbin in sipb-xen-base sipb-xen-base/8.26
2008-10-24  Greg Pricefactor out common initscript code sipb-xen-base/8.25
2008-10-24  Evan BroderAdd the appropriate build-deps to sipb-xen-base so... sipb-xen-base/8.24
2008-10-24  Evan BroderSmall fix in the code to parse the debian/control and...
2008-10-24  Evan BroderUpdate sipb-xen-base's debian/control to match Debian...
2008-10-24  Evan BroderSwitch sipb-xen-base to build using a script
2008-10-24  Greg Pricefix our copyright files
2008-10-24  Evan BroderNow that we're using Python 2.5, we can actually write... sipb-xen-base/8.23
2008-10-02  Evan BroderUse Hardy's Debathena sipb-xen-base/8.22
2008-10-02  Greg Priceupdate sources.list.d file for prod and hardy sipb-xen-base/8.21
2008-10-01  Greg Pricefix distribution hardy -> unstable in several changelogs sipb-xen-base/8.20
2008-09-29  Greg Pricedepend on invirt-config in sipb-xen-base
2008-08-22  Sam HartmanUse production k5login until it is configurized sipb-xen-base/8.18
2008-08-22  Sam HartmanInclude openafs component
2008-08-19  Sam Hartmanbuild-depend on pysupport sipb-xen-base/8.17
2008-08-13  Yang Zhang * removed the `mako` program since python-mako alread...
2008-08-13  Yang Zhangforgot to commit
2008-08-12  Yang Zhang * added `mako` program for processing templates in...
2008-08-03  Greg Pricesign packages in apt repo sipb-xen-base/8.15
2008-08-03  Yang Zhangupdated changelog sipb-xen-base/8.14
2008-08-03  Yang Zhang- use invirt.config to get hostnames
2008-08-02  Greg Pricetodo lists for configuration
2008-08-01  Yang Zhang(partially) fixed the mtime comparison logic + comments
2008-08-01  Yang Zhangjust read the master configuration if the cache refresh...
2008-07-31  Greg Pricefix an error message in invirt-getconf --ls
2008-07-31  Greg Priceuse yaml.CSafeDumper and yaml.CSafeLoader everywhere sipb-xen-base/8.12
2008-07-31  Yang Zhangoops
2008-07-31  Yang Zhangupdated changelog
2008-07-31  Yang Zhangadded shared/exclusive locking; added shared locking...