Added new ipmi ports
[invirt/doc/xvm.git] / xvm-host-setup-notes
2013-07-23  Steven ValdezAdded new ipmi ports
2013-07-22  Adam Glasgallinclude setting up ttyhvc0
2013-07-21  Adam Glasgallinclude looking up admin uid as per Mitch's suggestion
2013-07-21  Adam Glasgallserial console notes
2013-07-21  Steven ValdezAdded commenting of clvm init script.
2013-07-21  Adam Glasgallupdated with notes for precise
2013-07-21  Steven ValdezUpdated host notes
2013-07-21  Adam Glasgallbios settings for new supermicro hardware
2010-06-02  Quentin SmithDocument IP address allocations
2008-11-09  Evan BroderDocument config for BIOS accessibility over IPMI
2008-11-06  Evan BroderDocument turning on IPMI-over-LAN for remote management
2008-09-23  Evan BroderUpdate installation notes for the prod cluster
2008-09-09  Greg Pricemore host notes: in debian installer
2008-09-09  Greg Pricemore host setup notes
2008-08-01  Greg Pricecorrection in bios notes
2008-08-01  Greg Pricenotes on BIOS setup for xvm-host-[1234]